A Compassionate Difference

For over 20 years, Jacques Leandre has been on the forefront in the battle to protect the community he loves.

Having grown up in Queens, Leandre witnessed the selfless labor of his mother and father to provide and sustain, day in and day out. This invoked a passion in him that he has harnessed in the fight to protect the families who work hard to subsist.

This activism has led him to volunteer and participate in numerous civic organizations. Having served as the Vice President of the Concerned Citizens of Laurelton, Jacques is also President of the Rosedale Jets Football Association, and serves on the management team of the PeaceKeepers (Queens) in a constant effort to inspire, protect, and educate.

A celebrated attorney and dedicated leader, Jacques has spearheaded victories such as halting the the building of a "Hot Sheets" hotel across the street from Springfield Gardens H.S., working with elected officials to renovate the Laurelton Long Island Railroad Station, and stopping a 24 hour drug den disguised as a "Mega Laundromat" on Merrick Blvd.